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reminder to you lovely reader

just wanted to remind the reader that all images that are show were taken by me, and all images and websites linked belong to their respectful owners. ;P

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NT2SC Day 4

very nice last day

At the start of our last day, we all ate our last breakfast in the hotel. We then went to Reserva Particular do Patrimonio Natural da Cachoeira do Cerradao ( RPPNCC ). There we swam in a river for the last time.

this is the Cerradao waterfall, where we swam

After returning to the bus, we went back one last time to the hotel to shower and pack our stuff, as we would not be returning there any time soon.
After getting all our stuff to the bus we went to Velho Chico to have lunch for the final time. After lunch we were ready to go back home. About seven hours in to our return trip, we stopped in a service station/ restaurant called Frango Assado to have dinner. From there we had a 2 hour boring bus drive back home, and that's where my trip ends!

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NT2SC Day 3

very nice third day

After waking up and having breakfast, the class was divided into three groups, and we all entered jeeps and went to the Serra da Canastra National Park again, but this time we were going to look at the Cerrado and the wildlife there.

some pictures I took off the plant life through the jeep's window

You see, the Cerrado is a biome very similar to an african savannah, but not quite the same. The Cerrado has over 10,000 plant species and 10 unique bird species. It also has 200 mammal species, 14 of which are Endemic. One of these mammal species is the Giant Anteater, which we got see, but I didn't manage to take a picture of, as it ran away to fast, so here's a picture of a cute bird I took to compensate.


At our destination, we actually climbed the Canastra mountain range, and we looked down from above the Casca D'anta from the past day. Here's the view from above the Serra da Canastra.


After that, we ate lunch in the park and swimmed in the rivers. At the rivers, we found a pair of Brazilian mergansers. I didn't think anything of it until the tour guide said that the Brazilian merganser was almost extinct, at that it was really special that we found a pair of them. At the end of the day, we went back to the jeeps and returned to Velho Chico for dinner ( as by that time, it was already night ). After returning to the hotel, we had a last night of sleep there, as the next day would be the last.

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NT2SC Day 2

very nice second day

After a good night sleep, I woke up in my room, ready for the second day in our journey through Serra da Canastra. After we had breakfast and some time to prepare for the day, we embarked on a bus ride to a farm and cheese factory, the Queijaria Santiago. There, we got to make your own canastra cheese and then by more canastra cheese. We also saw lots and lots of cows, here are some lovely pictures:


After seeing all those cows, we went to a restaurant called Cozinha Original. That restaurant had a lovely view of the Canastra mountain range


After having lunch we departed to the Serra da Canastra National Park , were we walked down a trail to the Casca D'Anta waterfall, the main waterfall at the Canastra mountain range. The waterfall has this name for two possible reasons. One, it might be because of the now extinct population of tapirs ( anta = tapir in Portuguese ) who used to inhabit the region, or, it might be because of the trees that can be found in the region, which name roughly translates to tapir's bark.


At about dawn, we returned to the hotel and had to do some activities on the city. After that, we went to Velho Chico again for a nice dinner before returning to our rooms and finishing off for the day.

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NT2SC Day 1

very nice first day

in the first day of our trip I had to wake up at 5am, in the 22nd of may, 2019. At that time me and the rest of my classmates went to school, where we all borded a bus. After 7 boring hours, we finally arrived at our destiny, the city of Capitolio. at the city of Capitolio, we ate at a restaurant called Restaurante do Turvo. The food was good, but not the best in the world. After about one hour of lunch time, we set foot on a motorboat for a ride through the Furnas canyon. There, we got to see the Furnas hydroelectric plant and swim in scenic (really cliche I know, but its true) waterfalls.

lovely picture by yours truly :P

after 3 hours of fun we went back to the bus and took another hour long boring trip to the city of Sao Roque de Minas, were we would stay for the rest of the trip. Later that day, at night time, we walked through the city to a restaurant called Velho Chico, where we had dinner that night. The food was good, and it had to be, as we would eat there every night from now to the end of our stay. After eating, we went to the hotel we would stay and had a good night sleep.

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